Monday, November 6, 2017

Would You Go for A Mail Order Bride?

If you are busy and don’t have a long-term relationship, but would like to get serious, would you consider dating foreign women?

I heard these women are  beautiful like models and don’t mind age or appearance as long as they are being treated right. I was considering looking into foreign dating but weeding out someone legit might be too time consuming for me. I don’t really like the hassle of committing to  long chats that won’t get anywhere. I am looking for someone serious to start a family.
I heard about mail order brides and some of my acquaintances told me about marrying a foreign woman. He actually married an Asian woman who is sweet , gorgeous and caring. Good on him! I got envious of the type of atmosphere he gets when he gets home. Someone caring, can cook, would be nice since I am a very busy man. I really want someone to be with for the rest of my life. I am looking for something serious. 

I heard about websites that cater to this, like A Foreign Affair and Angels of Passion. What got my attention was the Singles tours they offer to see some of the woman you chat with.  A Foreign Affair and Angels of Passion seems promising since they have profiles from Asia as well. I still can’t make up my mind whether I’ll go for Asian women or Russian girls. I still need to ask people’s opinion about them.  

What do you guys think? Do you have any experience with regards to having a Russian girlfriend? How about Asians? How are they at home, and in bed? Would like to have your opinion on these. Thanks guys!

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